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Navigating Horse Training: A Guide for Prospective Clients

Embarking on the journey of horse training can be an exciting and rewarding experience, especially when entrusting your equine companion to a skilled trainer like Naomi of Spin to Win Horsemanship. To ensure a seamless and successful training experience, here's a comprehensive guide to what you need to know:

Prioritizing Your Horse's Well-being

Naomi's training philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that a horse's physical and emotional well-being is paramount to achieving optimal training outcomes. This is evident in her approach to the training process:

  • Thorough Evaluation: Each horse undergoes a 30-day evaluation to assess their temperament, training needs, and suitability for the program.

  • Health Requirements: To ensure your horse's optimal health and performance, Naomi requires current vaccines, coggins test results, and teeth floating within the last six months. Ideally, chiropractic and farrier care should also be up-to-date.

  • Pain Management: If pain is identified as a potential obstacle to training, Naomi promptly transitions the horse to the Rehab program for proper treatment.

Effective Communication + Owner Involvement

Naomi understands the importance of keeping owners informed and involved throughout the training process:

  • Regular Updates: Owners receive two comprehensive training updates every month via text or Facebook Messenger.

  • Encouragement for Owner Involvement: Naomi strongly encourages owners to actively participate in their horse's training. One complimentary lesson is provided each month, with additional lessons available at a standard rate.

Partnership for Equine Success

Choosing Spin to Win Horsemanship for your horse's training is a decision that prioritizes your horse's well-being, optimizes their training experience, and cultivates a strong partnership between you and Naomi. With Naomi's expertise and dedication, your horse will undoubtedly reach their full potential.

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