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Liberty Flying Lead Changes

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Ya’ll I am so excited to post this video!!!

I have been working on flying lead changes with bravo since this spring and lately I felt he just wasn’t getting it. So I reached out to Luke Gingerich for some help and after chatting over a few ideas, I had a new game plan.

So last night, I figured I’d put some of those into action. I honestly didn’t think Bravo would figure it out that quickly as he had been struggling with the lead changes for months now. But that goes to show you that when the communication is clear, that’s how fast it can happen.

It was still hot last night when I went out to work and the bugs were horrible but I figured we’d give it a try.....and HE DID IT!!! Not just once, but multiple times!!!

I am beyond excited!!! It is absolutely the coolest thing to be able to cue for a lead change on the ground!

This type of work takes years to prepare for but when the times comes, it totally pays off!

(PS. Please excuse my awkward running style. I was just trying to keep up with him and I did slow the video down so the changes were easier to see as I totally wasn’t planning on videoing last night)

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