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WHy 90 Days?

“Why do you require 90 days minimum in your program”?

It’s been a proven fact that it takes 28 days to break old habits to form new ones and another 28 days to build new habits.

I have adopted this rule in my program. The first 30 days are used to begin to remove the old habits. The next 30 days are replacing the old habits with the new ones and the last 30 days are allowing the new habits to become stronger.

I also a believe a trainer should be setting the horse up for when it goes home.

While I love reoccurring clients, my ultimate goal is to train your horse for you and your goals. Not for mine. Therefore I believe that based off the habit rule that 90 days will allow me to best prepare that horse for his home life.

I see many horses that go into 30 day training programs that come out just barely knowing their job and then they go home and sit because their owner has to work and has family. The horse finally gets ridden by the owner and has behavioral issues with what was taught because it was barely learned. The owner doesn’t push it and ends up sending the horse back for another 30 days in the spring. The horse once again gets sent home “barely knowing its job” due to the limited time factor, sits in the pasture due to owners busy schedule and the cycle continues.

The minimum of 90 days helps prevent that from happening. It allows the horse time to learn and form a habit. Which in turn allows for the horse to retain and maintain its training when it goes home and sits for awhile due to the owners schedule.

The 90 day minimum allows more for a horse to get a solid foundation so it doesn’t become a “half-way horse”. The training is more complete and refined.

Training programs should set the horse and owner up to succeed together and I have found that 90 days offers a much higher chance of success of that than a fewer amount of days.

If you have questions about my training program or wish to enroll a horse into training(only limited spring spots available), please message me. I’d love to help.


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