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Naomi travels the country helping compassionate equine enthusiasts build a deeper level of connection and trust with their horses. From liberty clinics focusing on emotional awareness to horse and rider development clinics emphasizing equine biomechanics, clinics and events are a great way to meet Naomi and experience her training style firsthand. 

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immersive retreats

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Forms & Policies

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Upcoming Events

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Sep 9 - Sep 11, 2022

Young Horse Development & Saddle Preparation Clinic

Learn how to properly start your colt and prepare them for under saddle during a 3-day clinic with Naomi Rutter. This clinic is perfect for those interested in learning how to work with and start their colt. Through extensive groundwork, Naomi will help you learn timing and feel. From handling, haltering, saddling and riding an unstarted or young horse, you will learn how to safely manage the fear in both you and your horse. If you are new to colt starting, this is a great way to start your young horses under saddle and set them up with the right foundation.

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November 12, 2022

Showmanship workshop

Need some pointers on showmanship or have you always wanted to try showmanship but you just weren’t sure where to start?

Join me with your horse on November 12th from 1-4 pm to refine your showmanship skills.

We will cover how to cue your horse to set up, how to properly pivot, body language to smooth out your transitions, and the 4 quadrants!!

Cost is $50 per person to participate or audit.

It will be a laid-back atmosphere where learning, fun and fellowship with friends are encouraged!!

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Aug 2 - Aug 14 , 2022

Extreme Wylene bootcamp and confidence building and horsemanship clinic 

An 8-day boot camp and a weekend clinic!!! (A boot camp is where an individual would like Wylene to start their horse under saddle or give their saddle horse a tune-up!!! Wylene was a participant to Road To The Horse this past spring and is one of the top colt starters in the nation!!! So who better to get your horse started with a great foundation than Wylene Wilson-Davis!!!

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Upcoming Events

What to expect

when attending a clinic with Naomi

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Helpful tips


Safety is Top Priority 


Come Prepared

Be sure to have a copy of your current Coggins and health certificates, confirm all paperwork is in, and any unpaid fees are collected. 

Bring your necessary equipment according to the clinic topic.


It is always encouraged to bring a pen and paper with you to take notes. 


Be Ready to Start on Time

Be ready to start your class on time and arrive to the arena ready to go at least 5 minutes before. If it is a riding class, please have your horse saddled and warmed up before the clinic begins. 


Have a Prepared Horse

Make sure your horse is prepared before you get to the clinic. He should be in shape and on the appropriate riding level for the clinic you’re attending.


Don’t Over Expect Progress


Be Open-Minded

What to Expect
Helpful Tips
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