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Bravo’s ILHA freestyle performance

This past weekend down in Lexington at the Horse Park at the ILHA show was definitely the way to finish out the show season.

Bravo placed Reserve Champion in the Advanced Bridless Riding and Champion in our Distinguished Liberty Horse class.

We placed 6th in our compulsory pattern which is 50% of our final score and then finished 8th overall out of 15 after our freestyle!

I absolutely loved my costume and my routine. However I won’t lie that I was pretty disappointed in our placing as I really wanted to make Top 5 this round.

Also I was really hoping with the more laid back environment, that Bravo would be more relaxed in his freestyle but unfortunately he was still pretty starstruck when he got out there. While he never left me, he certainly struggled with his concentration in the freestyle environment. He has always struggled in that type of environment to a certain extent but I was hoping with all the work and exposure we did this year, that would improve as I absolutely love performing!!

So back to the drawing board.

And congrats to Meghan Namaste and her horse Riley on their Top 5 finish in the Freestyle championship class!! You guys rocked it out there!

And thanks to Laurie Lindstrom for helping out with the prop set up and placement!! You did an amazing job of stage manager!!

However, we have had a phenomenal year filled with clinics and shows and performances. But I think we are all ready to take some time off and rest and then plan more for next year!

I will have a few clinics next year but definitely not near as many as this year as I’ll be concentrating more on showing. And I hope to work on a video liberty over the winter as well.

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